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Garages & Trailers

An often overlooked aspect in the automotive world is that of garages and trailers. For example. if you have bought a special car, maybe spent a lot of money improving its looks and performance, you won't want to park it on the street outside your home for fear of vandals damaging it or thieves stealing it.

Top of the range brick-built or concrete garages will protect your car from these kinds of threat. Timber garages are OK, but if your vehicle is worth a lot of money, it is easier for a thief to get into a timber garage

Also, if you have a show-car, a hot rod, saloon race car, or a stock-car for racing - these vehicles can cost a lot of money, so are you going to take it to a meet on a cheap trailer? Not if you value your investment! A good trailer, built to professional standards will pay for itself time and time again.